How To Use Prezi?


Presenting ideas are becoming more creative nowadays. Some presentation tools can give us an awe and great perspective.

Prezi is a presentation software. Everybody knows PowerPoint, right?

This is for the simple explanation. PowerPoint = Slides. Prezi = Zoom.

Below are slides (yep, not zoom)  explaining in the most step-by-step way in using Prezi. Feel free to explore the tutorial.

I created the slide presentation more than a year ago  in my previous blog so there might be some inconsistencies. Anyway, just enjoy learning. 🙂



500 Words A Day – A Daily Habit

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

In this saying, Gandhi stated that habits could lead you to your destiny. Of course, you must first believe that you can create that habit. I recently blogged about Jeff Goins’ webinar on how to be a prolific writer. From that webinar I learned that many writers feel they are fake. I feel that I’m a hypocrite.

There is great power in habits. Doing something repeatedly will give you an identity. In your mind, habits give you the right to be someone. In this case — being a writer.


Photo Credit: Marco Zak via 500px cc

I Was Not Able To Wake-Up

This quite comic and embarrassing to admit that I was not able to wake-up to watch the live webinar.  I put my mobile phone on alarm at 3:30am. In the place where I lived (in the Philippines) that webinar is supposed to start at 4am.

I came from an important event and I really had a little time to sleep. So you might already guess what happens. The alarm has been just enough to wake me up for a couple of minutes. I came back to life by five in the morning, the time the webinar was finished.

Keep Checking The Email

I have faith in Jeff. I know the link to the replay will be sent to my email. I regret that I really missed valuable insights that would help me to be a better writer. True enough, I got the link a day after the live webinar.

After Watching The Replay

Writing a blog is quite a challenge for me. Watching the replay version gave me a feeling of mixed emotions. I felt excitement and anxiety at the same time. Jeff challenged the audience to start a habit of free-writing of at least 500 words a day.

After watching the replay, I post that link on Facebook. I’m somehow announcing to the world that I’m up to the challenge. I don’t get a single “Like” as of this writing. That was more than four hours ago, which means a long time in cyber space. Getting zero “Like” quite say something. I started to feel that I’m some kind of freak.

While watching the video, I said to my sister that I want to be a writer. She just said “Ang dami mo naman gustong gawin (You like to do a lot of things)” and I don’t know if that is an affirmation. I’m not really outspoken to people about this being a writer that I want to pursue. Actually, I had self-doubts. This is more psychological than physical. So maybe I’m being too shallow to think that having zero “Likes” means they hate me that I’m doing not-so-like-me kind of stuffs.

Besides, I’m an electrical engineer. Why the heck would I want to write? Especially topics that have nothing to do math formulas, principles and theories? What does writing have to do with electricity? 

Maybe Jeff is right when he said in the video that affirmation will come later. But, I can still feel the pain when insecurity kicks hard.

The 500 Words A Day Challenge

I know that I can’t explain myself enough to people. Do I really have to? I do have some hints that if I continue doing this then I can be someday, someone who I won’t regret becoming. The nagging voices tells me that I supposedly finding a decent job even if part-time while waiting for work abroad. That’s another story.

I’ll do this challenge afraid. I’m up for this. Fear should be credited for keeping me from trouble. But, not too much credit or else, I will not be able to create something worthwhile.

What Makes A Writer?

“There’s nothing to stop a man from writing unless that man stops himself. If a man truly desires to write, then he will. Rejection and ridicule will only strengthen him. And the longer he is held back the stronger he will become, like a mass of rising water against a dam. There is no losing in writing, it will make your toes laugh as you sleep, it will make you stride like a tiger, it will fire the eye and put you face to face with death. You will die a fighter, you will be honored in hell. The luck of the word. Go with it, send it.”

~Charles Bukowski

In the video, Jeff talks about the tools that can help you a better writer. I also blogged about my two favorite writing tools. I learned more tools from that video to improve my writing.

Tools are important. Tools does not make you a writer though. So what makes a writer? That he writes. Obvious, isn’t it?

Here’s The Replay

From tomorrow and the days to come, expect more of my blogposts as part of creating a daily writing habit. You can click this link if you want to watch the replay of the webinar.

You will learn the four steps to building a daily writing habit. You will also learn Jeff’s recommended tools.

I emailed Jeff if it is okay to share this link in my blog. He replied via automated message that he did received my email, but he can’t just possibly reply. Given the number of his followers, I completely believed in him. I doubt that he would not want me to share the link though. He is a gift-giver. I just want to honor him for sharing his great knowledge.

How To Use Jing?

 Print Screen. Screencast?

You can capture the image that you see on your computer screen. You press “prt scr” on your keyboard (for windows user).

You might already know that. But, are you familiar with screencast? A video version of print screen.

Capture your computer screen as though you’re holding a video camera focusing only on your computer screen. That’s kinda cool.

Jing is a software. Can do both print screen and screencast. You can even record your voice while screencasting.

Anything basics were in the tutorial below. Feel free to read.

I created the presentation more than a year ago  in my previous blog so there might be some inconsistencies. Anyway, just enjoy learning. 🙂


How To Use Evernote?


Photo Credit: sugr.stoc via 500px cc

 Note-taking To The Next Level

I can assume that never in our history that we consumed a lot of information than we do today. Access to information due to the internet sometime were overwhelming. Evernote, an online software might help your information overload problem. User-friendly and lots of added features. As of this writing, I had 838 notes in Evernote. I loved using it!

Either using a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer — all can synchronize notes from a single Evernote account.

Yes, if you don’t know yet, Evernote is a digital note-taking tool. No need for paper and pencil.

The tutorial below will explain a lot.

I created the presentation more than a year ago  in my previous blog so there might be some inconsistencies. Anyway, just enjoy learning. 🙂

How To Use VLC?

Photo Credit: Sebastian Bergmann via flickr cc

 “It Plays Everything”

VLC, a software that plays audio and video files says that. Promised to play any audio and video formats. Until now, I’m not disappointed.

There’s plenty of media player software that we can use. I recommend you this media player software for being free of cost and user-friendly. VLC is short for VideoLan Client.

The tutorial below will explain all the basics.

I created the presentation more than a year ago  in my previous blog so there might be some inconsistencies. Anyway, just enjoy learning. 🙂

How to Write Every Day? – A Webinar

Hours after posting this blogpost I will attend another webinar. This was from my inspirational writer, Jeff Goins. I’m so excited because this would be my first time to attend his free webinar.


Four Lessons To Learn

I learned about Jeff Goins just from Facebook ads. I don’t trust most ads like those interrupting ones that we saw on television. But the guy has an art in his writing. I can see his passion and pure intention in sharing his art. Yep, art is what I said.

“Art isn’t only a painting. Art is anything that’s creative, passionate, and personal. And great art resonates with the viewer, not only with the creator.”   ~Seth Godin

He had quite an influence on me. I first joined his free email course “Intentional Blogging” before creating this blog. That 12-week course gave me a lot of know-hows in creating a blog.

Art is about gift-giving. Artists are not  hoarders. That’s why Jeff is an artist. Join me and benefit from his gift. We could learn these four lessons to be a prolific writer:

  1. The tools you need to write with greater focus
  2. How to create a healthy writing schedule that works for you
  3. What the ideal environment looks like
  4. The secret to never running-out of idea

Attend Jeff’s webinar. Enjoy learning. 🙂


How To Use LogMeIn?

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Chris Brown via 500px cc

In today’s world, there are many things that we can do online. Who doesn’t know? Technology connects us in different ways. Apps, software and websites — many of them create so many possibilities.

Here’s one — LogMeIn. A software that lets you use the computer of other people anywhere in the world. Of course, a proper internet connection is necessary for both sides.

Below is the tutorial on how you could start.

I created this presentation more than a year ago  in my previous blog so there might be some inconsistencies. More virtual assistant tutorials in the coming days. Anyway, just enjoy learning. 🙂

How To Use Skype?

Photo Credit: jayneandd via flickr cc

Video chatting revolutionized the way we communicate. Are you seeking for online work? Most of the clients for obvious reasons would want to interview you through video chatting.

The Philippines is my country. Most of the parents there who work abroad connects with their love ones with, you know what — video chatting.

Skype was one of the software that I think comes to our mind when we think of video chatting. Video chatting is in cyberspace for quite a long time. Like Facebook and Twitter, Skype is one of the tools that we can’t live without. In my case, I can. Maybe I can’t anymore the time that I worked abroad. I said that’s part of my simple plan in one of my blog posts.

The tutorial below might answer some of your basic questions.

I created this presentation more than a year ago in my previous blog so there might be some inconsistencies. Anyway, just enjoy learning. 🙂

Seven Things To Do For Stress-Free Content Marketing

This is huge for me to say what you see in the title of today’s blogpost. The good thing is I just got this for someone who is already a content marketing strategist. I’m just sharing what I heard.

“Content marketing” is already a phrase that might interest you. Adding with the word “strategist” make the person as someone valuable. Maybe, because it’s true.

Photo Credit: samuel zhang via 500px cc

Every Monday evening (in the Philippines), my mentor Jomar Hilario has his weekly free webinars. He interviewed one his mentee, Lhory Banaag.

She is a Filipino who’s currently living in San Diego, California. A good mother who find more time with her family. She had created “Content Marketing Research Plans” for companies.

By the way, if you want to join us in Jomar’s webinars, you can go to his Facebook group “Jomar Hilario Mastery Group.”

The Seven Things

With no further ado, here’s Lhory’s seven no-brainer things that we should do to have a stress-free content marketing.

  1. Set a deadline.
  2. Set 2 hours a day for research.
  3. Focus
  4. Use keywords and maximize them.
  5. Use apps/tools for faster research.
  6. Make the most of the resources given.
  7. Take a break and don’t overwhelm yourself.

You might think that some were vague like numbers 4, 5 and 6. What are keywords? What apps/tools to use? Where to find resources?

Well, good news Google search answer those questions. Googling would be the common thing to do. I suggest finding a mentor. Someone who had done what you want to achieve and had the heart to teach you his/her expertise.

If you want to learn from Lhory’s and my mentor. You can join Jomar’s online course called “Online Mentoring Club 3.” That’s not free by the way.


How To Use Dropbox?


Photo Credit: Joel Penner via flickr cc

Before I already learn about cloud service I became firstly aware of Dropbox. An online tool to store files, cloud service for short.

Below is a simple tutorial for Dropbox.

I created this presentation more than a year ago in my previous blog so there might be some inconsistencies. Anyway, just enjoy learning. 🙂

Dropbox says “Simplify your life.” True to their word, this tool will liberate you. Many competitions had emerged since I last created this tutorial. I still use Dropbox because of familiarity and connection with different apps. Sometimes I use Google Drive for larger space. You had plenty of choices. I’m hoping that the tutorial will still make you consider using Dropbox.