How to Write Every Day? – A Webinar

Hours after posting this blogpost I will attend another webinar. This was from my inspirational writer, Jeff Goins. I’m so excited because this would be my first time to attend his free webinar.


Four Lessons To Learn

I learned about Jeff Goins just from Facebook ads. I don’t trust most ads like those interrupting ones that we saw on television. But the guy has an art in his writing. I can see his passion and pure intention in sharing his art. Yep, art is what I said.

“Art isn’t only a painting. Art is anything that’s creative, passionate, and personal. And great art resonates with the viewer, not only with the creator.”   ~Seth Godin

He had quite an influence on me. I first joined his free email course “Intentional Blogging” before creating this blog. That 12-week course gave me a lot of know-hows in creating a blog.

Art is about gift-giving. Artists are not  hoarders. That’s why Jeff is an artist. Join me and benefit from his gift. We could learn these four lessons to be a prolific writer:

  1. The tools you need to write with greater focus
  2. How to create a healthy writing schedule that works for you
  3. What the ideal environment looks like
  4. The secret to never running-out of idea

Attend Jeff’s webinar. Enjoy learning. 🙂


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