Seven Things To Do For Stress-Free Content Marketing

This is huge for me to say what you see in the title of today’s blogpost. The good thing is I just got this for someone who is already a content marketing strategist. I’m just sharing what I heard.

“Content marketing” is already a phrase that might interest you. Adding with the word “strategist” make the person as someone valuable. Maybe, because it’s true.

Photo Credit: samuel zhang via 500px cc

Every Monday evening (in the Philippines), my mentor Jomar Hilario has his weekly free webinars. He interviewed one his mentee, Lhory Banaag.

She is a Filipino who’s currently living in San Diego, California. A good mother who find more time with her family. She had created “Content Marketing Research Plans” for companies.

By the way, if you want to join us in Jomar’s webinars, you can go to his Facebook group “Jomar Hilario Mastery Group.”

The Seven Things

With no further ado, here’s Lhory’s seven no-brainer things that we should do to have a stress-free content marketing.

  1. Set a deadline.
  2. Set 2 hours a day for research.
  3. Focus
  4. Use keywords and maximize them.
  5. Use apps/tools for faster research.
  6. Make the most of the resources given.
  7. Take a break and don’t overwhelm yourself.

You might think that some were vague like numbers 4, 5 and 6. What are keywords? What apps/tools to use? Where to find resources?

Well, good news Google search answer those questions. Googling would be the common thing to do. I suggest finding a mentor. Someone who had done what you want to achieve and had the heart to teach you his/her expertise.

If you want to learn from Lhory’s and my mentor. You can join Jomar’s online course called “Online Mentoring Club 3.” That’s not free by the way.


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