How To Use Skype?

Photo Credit: jayneandd via flickr cc

Video chatting revolutionized the way we communicate. Are you seeking for online work? Most of the clients for obvious reasons would want to interview you through video chatting.

The Philippines is my country. Most of the parents there who work abroad connects with their love ones with, you know what — video chatting.

Skype was one of the software that I think comes to our mind when we think of video chatting. Video chatting is in cyberspace for quite a long time. Like Facebook and Twitter, Skype is one of the tools that we can’t live without. In my case, I can. Maybe I can’t anymore the time that I worked abroad. I said that’s part of my simple plan in one of my blog posts.

The tutorial below might answer some of your basic questions.

I created this presentation more than a year ago in my previous blog so there might be some inconsistencies. Anyway, just enjoy learning. 🙂

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