About Me


Hello there! Wherever you are I want to welcome you to this “About Me” page.

Are you really interested about me? I mean this blog? How about later? I write this blog so I can serve you.

Yes, I really love learning and part of that is imparting great lessons from my experiences in online work. All including failures and successes.

There’s so much information on the internet. It was almost nothing that I can share with you that the mighty Google could not answer. There’s a big chance that you have already found the answers before you got to my blog. So what’s the point of this blog?

Me with family-owned netbook, Lenovo 20027 model. This cute little gadget is my greatest ally.

I Dedicate This Blog To You

I’m writing this blog to you who had the will to learn and the belief that you can really achieve high online income. Secretly, I’m writing this blog also to myself.

Yes, this is about me, but this also about you who want something better in life. To have more time and money to spend with people who matter to you. To earn while doing things that you love. Or maybe just to be a better person.

I have unique life experiences (who hasn’t?). I have God-given strengths and weaknesses. I will use these qualities to give you something valuable.

My two helpful tools.

My two helpful tools.

Let Me Introduce Myself

I would like to introduced myself to you in a more formal way.

I’m Mikel Dumlao, a licensed electrical engineer in the Philippines. I have two gadgets — a tablet (Kata T2 model) and a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 model). I also use our family owned netbook (Lenovo 20027 model). This is my starting point.  Now I’m into writing and content marketing strategy.

I love to read books about marketing, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, writing, self-help, Christianity and novels. I also listen to Audiobooks and talks. I attend seminars, webinars and online courses most of them is about how to work online.

I also play guitar. Sometimes I play table tennis.

What gives me the most joy is serving God through my Catholic community Singles For Christ, being with my family and laughing with my friends. I want to spend more time with them, that’s why I pursue online work. Equally important for me is to also spend more time with myself.

I also joined a program called Cornerstone, also part of my Catholic Community. The mission is to reach out slow readers who are in grade schools.

I’m “The Learner VA” because learning for me is like breathing. I feel like I’m drowning if I don’t learn something new. Every learning experience is essential to me like breathing clean air.

For Business Owners and Companies

Okay, I admit that I have another agenda for this blog — to show to business owners and companies that I can give them a service. The next sentences is for them (maybe for you).

Your company will benefit from my creativity, resourcefulness and being single-minded on finishing a task until it is done.

You can rely on me to write high quality articles for your business and doing content marketing strategy.

You never have to worry about getting leads for your targeted market.

Finally, you’d found the most creative, trustworthy, passionate, hard-working, patient and reliable writer and content marketing strategist in town!

You can enjoy peace of mind because I’m in charge of your content creation, topic research, content editing, content management, blog posting and adding links to your blog.

Working Experiences

Here were some of my online working experiences:

  • Created Facebook Store for Alfox Business Cards using the program PAYVMENT(now partnered with ECWID) to sell products online.
  • Researched competitors for Alfox Business Cards’ the websites, features, prices, packaging and other added services.
  • Social media marketingforOpulens Real Estate Company:
    • Posting real estate properties in various online classified ads.
    • Create an online form at the company’s blogs for data-gathering of information regarding buyers, sellers, investors, tenants and other income-generating properties.
    • Create the company’s Facebook page
    • Submit daily report to update about the tasks done in a spreadsheet format.
  • Create articles for Opulens Real Estate Company as a blog post regarding real estate in different places in Metro Manila, Philippines.
  • An article/manual writer from a client in oDesk.com named Michael Rolfe requiring the following qualifications:
    • Excellent written English skills
    • Above average research skills
    • Knowledge on a wide range of electrical products
    • Knowledge of, or the ability to navigate around popular websites
    • Be competent and able to follow instructions precisely
    • Have basic image editing skills (i.e. cropping images / converting a JPG to a PNG)

Here’s some of the blogs that I created:




Then here’s the paid seminars, workshops and online courses that I joined from my mentor Jomar Hilario:

Truly Rich Hands-On Internet Marketing Workshop

Lessons/Skills Attained:

  • Blogging
  • Using an autoresponder
  • Creating a Google Adsense account
  • Using Google Keyword Adword Tool as an SEO Tool
  • Getting photos legally from Flickr
  • Creating and embedding Paypal buttons to a blog

Location: Manila, Philippines

Date: May 8-9, 2009

 Virtual Assistant Seminar

Lessons/Skills Attained:

  • Things needed to change to be a virtual assistant
  • Right equipments to use
  • Right space to work
  • Different kinds of virtual assistants
  • Skills needed to be a virtual assistant
  • Different websites and software to use
  • Dealing with clients

Location: Taguig, Philippines

Date: December 21, 2010

Deep Internet Secrets Seminar

Lessons/Skills Attained:

  • Research online besides Google and Bing search engines
  • Use Google Advance Search
  • Use XML to modify sites
  • Use html5 as the formats for idevices (iPad,iPod,Mac,etc.)
  • Use extensions, add-ins, add-ons and plug-ins for internet browsers
  • Use canned responses in Gmail
  • Use CSS
  • Use Ajax for Google Image Search
  • Use anchor texts in creating text links
  • Use Gmail, Facebook and keyboard shortcuts to maximized productivity
  • Use html, css and JavaScript code for commenting
  • Add Facebook comments in a blog
  • Connect social networks to HootSuite.com and DLVR.IT
  • Track people in different networking sites using SocialMention.com

Location: Taguig, Philippines

Date: May 1, 2012

Online Wealth Breakthrough Seminar

Lessons/Skills Attained:

  • Creating a list of people’s emails interested in a certain topic
  • Connecting Facebook, blog and autoresponder to get people’s emails
  • Online selling using tinypay.me (now MarketPage inside Facebook)
  • Online selling using Shopify.com
  • Writing top-selling email series for autoresponders
  • Publishing a book using CreateSpace.com
  • Websites to use to keep updated on online marketing

Location: Taguig, Philippines

Date: March 4, 2011

Online Mentoring Club Member

Lessons Learned:

  • Use stories to get attention
  • Build quotes using Google and Pinterest
  • Use Amazon to find an author for a certain topic
  • Wrong and right way to earn online
  • Find the words to use in blog/site
  • Setup blog for maximum impact
  • Use keywords in your blog
  • Find legally acceptable images for blog
  • Name your Facebook Page
  • Use Timeline for Facebook Page
  • Use ShortStack tocreate Facebook Tab with Video
  • Use HootSuite to broadcast in different social networking sites
  • Use Bitly to Shorten your Web Addresses and Track Who Clicks on What Link

Member since December 2009 – Present

 Marketing Master Insider

Lessons Learned:

  • Great Headline to create attention-getting first liners in email, posters, websites.
  • Great Email offer that other gurus in different industries build their customer lists online and offline.
  • Great Free Products to Give Away
  • Great Blog Posts applying SEO and interestingness at the same time.
  • Great Videos that can get the results that you want
  • Great Social Media Postings so you’ll know the ins and outs of doing things right in social media sites
  • Creating online store
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Using Twellow.com for twitter
  • Use TweetEffect.com for twitter

Subscribed from November 2011 to May 2012

Virtual Assistant Seminar Downloadable

Lessons Learned:

  • Seven Incorrect Assumptions about being a VA
  • Scams: What to avoid
  • Things you may need to change
  • Biggest SINS of Filipino VAs/Candidates
  • Your equipment
  • Dealing with Clients
  • Becoming an ‘A’ Player
  • Tools, Programs and Websites

Downloaded on January 3, 2013

Brainbench Certifications

Brainbench is an independent certification authority, assessing a variety of skills including IT, Finance, Health Care and Office Skills, to name a few. Independence from other professional organizations permits them to objectively assess skills in a variety of content areas. (Source)

Brainbench test I have taken from the year 2013:

Business Writing

Brainbench Description:

Our Business Writing test measures your knowledge of important types of business writing being used today. Designed for administrative professionals, this test covers the following topics: Business Letters, Other Formats, Principles of Organization, Rules of Grammar, Spelling, Style and Tone, and Vocabulary.

English Vocabulary

Brainbench Description:

Our English Vocabulary test measures your knowledge of English vocabulary. Designed for all English speakers, this test covers the following topics: Analogies, Challenging words, Foreign words used in the English language, and Professional terms.

Listening Skills

Brainbench Description:

Our Listening Skills test measures your retention and listening skills. This test assesses your knowledge and recognition of everyday spoken English, and it is NOT focused on any specific topical areas. The items presented in audio format consist of everyday spoken English phrases, sentences, short announcements, statements, or exclamations. Designed for all professionals, this test requires that you to listen to passages and then answer questions related to what was said.

MS Excel 2007

Brainbench Description:

Our MS Excel 2007 test measures your knowledge of Excel 2007. Designed for experienced users, this test includes the following topics: data entry, data manipulation, formulas and functions, graphics, using the Excel software interface, the VBA interface, the Web interface, and importing and querying external data.

MS Word 2007

Brainbench Description:

Our MS Word 2007 test measures your knowledge of MS Word 2007. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Document Creation, Document Window Views, Graphics and Tables, New Features, Page Layout, Protecting Documents, Reviewing, and Options.

MS PowerPoint 2007

Brainbench Description:

Our MS PowerPoint 2007 test measures your knowledge of MS PowerPoint 2007. Designed for experienced users, this test includes the following topics: Animation and Slideshows, Content, Interface, Objects, Presentation Management and Delivery, Presentations, Proof and Review, Slide Setup and Presentation.

Spelling (U.S.)

Brainbench Description:

Our English Spelling (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of spelling in American English. Designed for the proficient linguist, this test covers the following topics: spelling abbreviations, plurals, possessives, proper nouns, terminology (including medical, computer, engineering, and legal), and commonly used foreign words.

Time Management (U.S.)

Brainbench Description:

Our Time Management (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of how to use your time wisely in the workplace. Designed for the average business worker, this test covers the following topics: Action Plans, Controlling, Decision Making, Organizing, Planning, Scheduling, Time Usage, and Time Wasters.

Written English

Brainbench Description:

Our Written English test measures your knowledge of English grammar and English reading comprehension. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Articles, Comparisons, Conjunctions, General Questions, Misused Words, Nouns, Parallel Structure, Prepositions, Pronouns, Specific Questions, and Verbs.

Is This True?

I’m so very aware that we can’t really lie especially with the internet. Though I’m humbly telling you that I got so much to learn (that should always be the case), but I want to prove to you that I really say who I am. Prove for yourself.

Here’s some of my online accounts:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mikeldumlao

LinkedIn: http://ph.linkedin.com/pub/mikel-dumlao/31/352/a14

Odesk Account: https://www.odesk.com/users/~0167b9d4b7ceac7d5e

Thank You For Your Time

If you’re still reading up to this point, then I would like to thank you for giving your most important treasure — your time. You can connect with me through my Facebook account or email me at mikeldumlao@gmail.com.

Thanks again and God bless. 🙂

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