How To Use Audacity?

Photo Credit: Trieu Trian via 500px cc

As I had promised yesterday, here’s the first tutorial of virtual assistant tool. You can use this for your online business, work or just for personal use. This is a free audio editing tool. Below is the complete basic guide for you to learn almost everything about Audacity. I enjoyed spending quite a lot of time and effort for that. I created that presentation more than a year ago  in my previous blog so there might be some inconsistencies. Anyway, just enjoy learning. 🙂

Remixes are not unique. They live until today and maybe forever. We can see them in videos. There were plenty in YouTube. Well, audio remixes were not the exemption. Saying that makes us believe the need of audio editing tool.

You may also know that there were plenty of software to use from. You might prefer a free and user-friendly software. I also used Google Chrome as web browser in the presentation.

Every basic information are all in the presentation. Feel free to read.

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