The Virtual Assistants Tutorials

Last January 3, 2013 I received the downloadable VA seminar of Jomar Hilario. Actually, before that I also attended his live seminar and met my mentor in-person.

It was in November 2012 (I can’t remember the exact date) that I was retrenched from my work. Then I got hired from a contractor of a very known electrical power distributing company in the Philippines on March 25, 2013. I had no work between those dates which gave ample time to create presentations for my VA blog.

I learned 3D rendering after I got retrenched.

I learned 3D rendering after I got retrenched.


Time Is Not Gold

I really don’t believe that time is gold. Okay, I used to. But now, I realized that we can’t just compare the time to any tangible things — yes, even gold. Time cannot be taken back, but gold can. God is good that He created time — the great equalizer.

My first company doesn’t need me anymore. After four years of doing routine work, I gained a lot of time to do things that I want. The company paid me some amount of cash for kicking me out. So, I had some money and plenty of time to burn.

I paid all my debts and help my mother with hers as well. I also enrolled in Microcadd, an Autodesk authorized training center, to learn AutoCAD. One of my friends in the company where we both came from, took classes to learn there and knowing that convinced me. I lived in a province so I have to travel for a total of four hours every day for eight weekdays. My classmates and my teacher were all friendly, we even had dined-out to celebrated our graduation. Though it was brief, we enjoyed each company as if we have known each other for years.

I bought the “downloadable VA seminar” three months after my retrenchment. Believe it or not, there’s an assignment to graduate. I have to create at least ten presentations of online tools with at least a hundred slides in a blog.

I’m also an active member of Singles For Christ, a Catholic Community which somehow makes me spend some more money. I’m not complaining, just saying. I can borrow from my friends, but I’m quite shy for that. I rather not eat if I can.

By February 2013, I still have plenty of time. The money part is the problem, I don’t have any.

Happening Again?

By March 2013, I got a job again, but not direct hired this time. There’s a middleman that lowers my income because they cut them aside from the taxes. That also means I will never become a regular employee. Never! No health benefits. Gosh.

Of course, this is not just about health benefits. Just last month, I resigned from that contract job because I’m expecting a work abroad. ‘Till now I’m still expecting.

No work again. Plenty of time and no money again. For the next few days I don’t want to waste the presentations so I will post them in this blog.

Am I experiencing the same scenario again? Yes and no. Yes, because looking outwardly shows that I’m in the same situation. No, because I’m not the same person. Somehow, I had grown. I had enlarged my faith. I love my family, friends and myself more.

Though still struggling, I became more focused. I’m also in the continuous learning of the virtue of humility. That also means I should learn to listen and follow my mentor. We all bask in God’s grace every day more than we can imagine.

My Simple Plan

I know I’m in almost the same situation. But, from experience I realized that it was impossible to serve clients without my own computer and internet. That’s why I’m not applying in any freelancing sites for now. I would just work abroad for a couple of years to keep some money. Online work is a business and I need some investments.

I’m happy with the slow pace. My purpose is more important than the path. I have to be flexible and patient so I can achieve my main purpose of earning online.

Is This Insanity?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  ~Albert Einstein

I had read on the Gizmodo site that Einstein never said this. Whether he said this or not, it doesn’t matter. But, I believe there’s some truth in this saying.

I don’t believe though that I’m doing insane things. I’m still in touch with reality — I’m grateful with my friends, family, community and relationship to God.

I just have to change my mindset. I have to think more about adding my value so that other people will value me. That would be the same with you.

Tomorrow and next days to come is adding value at least in my online presence so I can work-at-home someday. Expect my virtual assistant tutorials. I hope you enjoyed reading as I enjoyed writing this. God bless. 🙂

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