The Bottom Line For High-End Clients

From the past two Mondays I got to watch webinars from my mentor, Jomar Hilario. The webinars have obviously targeted the Filipino mass around the world. He uses the Taglish (combination of Filipino and English languages) approach. These webinars are for people who wants (commits) to learn how to earn online. You can join his Facebook group “Jomar Hilario Mastery Group” for details of his upcoming live events and webinars.

Photo Credit: JM Perriot via 500px cc

 Who Are The High-End Clients?

Last Monday evening I watched Doc Sixto Carlos interviewed by Jomar via Google Hangouts. He is a veterinarian and owner of Makati Dog and Cat Hospital. I’m enlightened from his sharing of his experiences from different clients.

High-end or also known as affluent clients are those people with a great sum of money. You know that. But, what enlightens me is when he said that some clients even though they were having lots of money were stingy. Some were not worth keeping. How come? I think that’s reality. There’s always an exception.

There’s good news. He said that some clients were so demanding and accepts only first class service. These high-end clients, however were willing to pay any amount for a great service.

What’s The Bottom Line?

I have not much to say. I had no any clients for now much less the high-end types. But, I think the bottom line of the whole interview of Jomar with Doc Sixto is this:

There are people who will pay a great amount of money for a great service.

Tomorrow, you can add even more value, and it shall be like one more great step, even if it is unnoticed and unrewarded, for you will have trained your heart and mind to give with full heart and passion regardless of the outcome… ~Brendon Burchard

This should be obvious. Nowadays, we are so preoccupied with making things so complicated. As of now I know that I have to add value to myself. You should too.

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