Just Do You!

In my last post I told you that I was in search of myself. Thought you might also use this to assess yourself as well. We can use technology for our benefit, do we?

Photo Credit: jaggerhaze via flickr cc

Photo Credit: jaggerhaze via flickr cc

 Just Do It!

We got that saying from Nike. It’s like telling us that if want to do it, then by all means go and do it!

But, what if you’re asking yourself what is “it” that I must do? Yes, we have to do something, but what is that thing? Sometimes sports have nothing to do with it.

Making The Most Out of The DISC

As I’m reviewing my DISC results, I also got to learn the person behind. After you had taken the assessment, you will receive an email report. I don’t know why I don’t notice this the first time I’ve taken the DISC more than a year ago.

Two days ago I decided to take the DISC again. I wanted to know how much have I changed. As I’m comparing the data I can’t help but to be awed by the results. All my I, S and C scores had scored up. The only exception was my D, that scored down, which means on my personal analysis that I became more calculated risk-taker.

The Person Behind?

I mentioned that there is the person behind the DISC and that was not Tony Robbins. He is just one of the clients though it’s fascinating to know that the DISC could be found on his website.

I also mentioned that after you take the assessment then you will receive an email report. You will notice that the sender was from a person named Jay Niblick. He is the founder and CEO of an international consulting firm Innermetrix Inc., which provide the DISC.

What’s Your Genius?

Jay’s website “What’s Your Genius?” provides almost all the necessary information for you to get the most of your DISC reports. I learned that genius is not just about having a great intellectual capacity. But, to develop on what you are already good at and make your weaknesses irrelevant.

You probably would not see the big picture unless you try. This I guarantee would not waste your time and effort. Also free of charge unless, you got so serious then they have products to buy to maximize your DISC reports.

You don’t need to ask others at least most of the time about yourself. Not even with the people closest to you. The assessment will make you realize that the answers live within you.

After you got the answers, then just do you!

“Commit to know yourself deeply, including your frailties, and come to some peaceful acceptance of yourself and your calling to lead. Then, commit to ‘get over yourself’ to serve a purpose greater than the self…”   ~Pope Francis


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