I’m Sorry I Lied

In my “About Me” page, I said that I only have as of this writing two gadgets. Well, that’s not true.

Photo Credit: Alexa LaSpisa via flickr cc

Photo Credit: Alexa LaSpisa via flickr cc

I Really Don’t Start With Just Two Gadgets

This is the truth–I just start with one gadget. That’s one gadget is a mobile phone which is not even a smart phone. I think the concept  of smart phone was not even in my awareness during that time. This was at the time I first discovered internet marketing from my mentor Jomar Hilario. The year was 2009.

I just said that I started with just two gadgets prior to the creation of this blog which happens just yesterday.

I can’t even remember the phone model. I just know that the phone was a very small, keypad-type with the brand Nokia.

Just Be Grateful

I always immediately tell my sisters to always pray before meals. At first I’m so shy to tell them this until I realized something. As a Catholic Christian, I learned in time that prayer did not just change the people who I am praying for but also myself.

My means of happiness are becoming shallow as I’m getting older. Though I don’t look that old in my opinion. Wink. 🙂

I believe that prayer made me a grateful person. We must pray always. We should.

Gratefulness Is The Key

If you will not be grateful, then you will always look for what you don’t have. Comparison kills your gratefulness. We look at someone and we say “Oh boy, if I’d only had a laptop with great specs, then I can be a virtual assistant.” Then you stop to pursue working-at-home.

Many times in my life I’m being ungrateful that’s why I could not just focus. I don’t know what I want. I look so much on other people’s success and hailed them, “Nice! Good for them, but not possible for me.”

Gratefulness Is Not Enough

Being grateful is a big factor. This virtue fuels me up every time I felt I’m in a lonely journey. But this could also lead to over-spiritualism. Just pray, be content and do nothing. Just wait from the manna in heaven. You can become so content that you don’t want to aspire something more into your life.

This is dangerous.

Learn to be happy with what you have while you pursue all it is you want. ~Jim Rohn


I’m shouting this to myself. Maybe you shouted this to yourself as well. Do something. Pray to have the discernment if working-at-home is really your thing.

Looking at my Christian perspective. I believe that God gave us freedom so we can give back to Him the glory.

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.

~1 Corinthians 10:31

As long as we glorify our Lord and we get closer to Him. By all means do it!

You are already successful!


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