Start From Scratch (Again)

There’s a saying “start from scratch” which means to start from almost nothing. What’s more difficult is to start again from the same situation. This is where am I now. What went wrong?

But first things first.

Photo Credit: Johannes Pirhonen via 500px cc

What is a VA?

First, let me define for you VA according to my understanding. VA stands for “virtual assistant” who is in charge of doing online work for someone.

Yep, I don’t want to make that too complicated. Online work means you need your own internet and computer. Through effort and creativity you can make your own exceptions though.

Another note, some sites may give different meanings for virtual assistants. Some may say that being a VA means doing administrative work. That could be possible, but there’s still more possibilities. You can also do online jobs like graphic designing, ghost writing, 3D rendering, accounting, etc. Any jobs that you can do remotely online is part of being a VA.

I Don’t Have My Own Internet

I’m typing on a laptop at home, but I don’t pay for my internet. My mother did. Technically, that would be family owned.

I just go to computer shops most of the time.

I Don’t Have My Own Computer

I don’t have the thing. The thing that would make the work-at-home possible. The thing that will make my life complete, at least in being a virtual assistant.

Yes, I mentioned that I used a laptop at home. But, the laptop was family owned.

I’m Studying How to Earn Online for Almost Five Years

You read it right. I’m fully aware and afraid. I want to earn but not ready. I want to stand out and to fit in at the same time.

So that’s the problem. I’m as slow as the molasses in my progress.

I have a proof.

Here’s my review for my mentor Jomar Hilario after I attended my first internet marketing workshop from him. The date was August 3, 2009.

If you’re not satisfied. Then here’s my video of my review during my first internet marketing workshop. The video was just uploaded December 15, 2010 though. Hint: I speak in my native language–Filipino.

Since then I almost not stop in following Jomar as my mentor. After that I attended more of his workshops and seminars. Then bought his online products all related to earning online.

Then I created a personal blog about random musings.

Then I created a blog about the 5th generation of the iPod Nano.

“The Learner VA Mikel” VA blog was not my first.

I created my first VA blog in 2012.

Then I created my second VA blog in 2013.

With massive amounts of dilly-dallying and delays the results were bad. I got some works-at-home. But I don’t get any work-at-home that can replace my day job.

We need a lot more failures, I think. Failures that don’t kill us make us bolder, and teach us one more way that won’t work, while opening the door to things that might. ~Seth Godin

So That Means…

I have to start over again. Frustrated but I’m still grateful for five things. Five would be enough for now.

  1. My character had improved through a lot of failures.
  2. I’m now (truly!) enjoying to blog.
  3. I’m starting to find my reasons to work-from-home.
  4. My ego was hurt so…
  5. …so I learned not to pretend.

So I’m not really starting over again. I gained a lot!

This Is Not An Invitation For A Pity Party

I will tell you. For now I’m not well-versed in computer coding. I’m not that good in grammar. The fact that I don’t have my own computer and internet connection add the challenge. I’m a licensed electrical engineer which has nothing to do with working-at-home. I already resigned from my work so I have no means of income.

Would saying these only show that I had abysmally low self-worth?


You Cannot Lie About Your Future

Lying is when you said something from your past that was not true. How about your future? Are you lying if you said that you can be a highly paid virtual assistant two years from now?

The answer is no. That’s because you can never know what would happen in the future. Okay, maybe you can guess. But you can’t really map your future. So you can say to yourself what do you want your future to become.

And you’re not lying for that.

So What I Have Now?

This you can have as well–the attitude and the mindset.

The skills are obvious, but first you must believe. We can get skills so as beliefs.

Enjoy The Journey!

Success is a journey. I believe I don’t have enough skills. I also believe that I can achieve my goal of becoming a highly paid work-at-home and beyond.

I’m willing to share with you all my struggles and successes. For now let us just enjoy the fact that we are in the journey.

I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and the desire to do it and put the time in. ~Roger Clemens

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